VB Kidz

At Vineyard Brussels Church we are a family-friendly church and believe that children are a precious treasure from God. Our programs, activities and events are designed to teach boys and girls that God loves them and has an exciting plan for their lives. The children’s department offers a variety of activities for children of all ages (as well as their families) to get involved in throughout the year.

The Check-in opens 15 minutes before each service (Sundays at 9:15) for ages 4-12 years.
Each time a child is brought into one of our classrooms, he/she is involved in a well-planned, Christ-centred teaching program taught on his/her level of understanding. A Biblical foundation is laid through teaching your child about God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, others, family, and the natural world.

For security reasons, two teachers are assigned to each room. Our teachers are here to invest their love and time in the life of your pre-schoolers and school-age children.

VB Kidz provides teaching in both English and French. Because we are an international church a lot of our teachers can speak additional languages, however this cannot always be guaranteed. Parents can be assured that despite language challenges we aim to make every child feel welcomed and accepted through the universal language of Love.


Our kids worship starts at 9h30 in the kid’s hall for ages 4-12 years. Here they will learn to praise God through singing and energetic dancing as well as to worship the Lord quietly whilst being aware of his presence.
During this large-group time we will also have a kid’s community time to welcome new children and celebrate birthdays.
Children will then go to their respective classrooms to begin their lessons.


At Vineyard Brussels Church we have an excellent team of volunteers consisting of parents, grandparents, singles and young adults who have a heart for ministering to children.
We know that so much spiritual development can take place during the very young years. Some of the ways we seek to maintain quality involve:

• An emphasis on teaching and not just “babysitting.”
• Every time we meet, every child hears about Jesus.
• Security procedures for leaving and picking up pre-schoolers, and the use of a card system for quick on-screen notification of parents when needed.
• Policies and procedures for cleanliness. A clean room with clean toys and equipment is one way of saying “you are important” to a child.

Parents Lounge (Babies 0-18 months)
Toddler Town (18 months-3 years)
Pre-School Park (Ages 4-6)
Primary Planet (Ages 7-9 or grades 1-4)
Tween City (Ages 10-12 or grades 5-7)

First time guests
Check-in // Security // Discipline

(activities during 9:30 service only)