Personal Wholeness Course

Personal Wholeness is a course for those seeking to become more whole personally and relationally. You may be aware of a need for God`s healing and freedom, feel `stuck` in an area of your life, or be facing challenges or issues that never seem to go away. If so, this course is aimed to be of help to you.

Personal Wholeness Course
Over 8 evenings (+ one Saturday), this course looks at the pursuit of personal wholeness in the context of an intimate friendship with the God who saves, heals and restores us in the area of relationships. The course explores the brokenness that we can experience as a result of the way we were brought up, the values and ways of thinking and behaving that we experienced and that shaped us, and our relationships with our mother and father. The effect of these relationships is a primary focus of this course.

Each evening consists of a time of worship, some teaching and then small group time (in safe, confidential, single sex groups) where participants are encouraged to share and to receive prayer ministry.

Topics include the following: shame, addictions, forgiveness, healing of the feminine and masculine soul, relationship with our fathers and mothers, needs. Please note that the course will be run in English.

This course will run in a different format, during a weekend, in May 2014.

For information about this course please e-mail Sonja Stark at