Newcomer Registration

Casual visitors and occasional Sunday worshipers are always welcome at Vineyard Brussels Church but have no need to register.

If, however, you are relatively new to the church and are seriously considering becoming a member we would encourage you to register as a “Newcomer”.

It is important for us to know who is new to the Vineyard and participating in our meetings so that we can provide the best service we can.
 We also want to be effective and efficient in our communication and help you settle in quickly and feel at home with us. For us to be able to do that, we ask you to provide us with some useful up-to-date information, which includes things like basic contact details, some personal information, language ability/preference, children’s age, language needs, etc.

Newcomer Registration

This is for those who are relatively new to the church, but are seriously considering becoming a member. All you have to do to receive the necessary registration instructions is send an email request to “”. We will then email you with instructions on how to register online via our website. Once you have registered we will contact you again to answer any questions you may have. If you do not have or use the internet our i-team will be able to help you. They are available every Sunday at church during the break, and after the service.

It is normal to register as a “Newcomer” before becoming a member, as we want people to take time to get to know us, our values and our vision, before becoming a committed member. We believe true membership calls for well-thought out commitment and involvement as we are more a community founded on relationships between people with common values and a common purpose. Our Vision is to see God’s transforming love and power at work in our own private and community life in practical ways that then overflows in practical expressions of love in our home and professional lives, the local community and the needy in the world at large.

Please note that your personal details will be used for Vineyard Brussels administration only and will not be made accessible to anyone else. You will always be able to see what information is held. Limited details may be put in the church directory, for other members to see, but only with your written approval.

Member – How do you become one?

We do not have a formal acceptance process to become a member. We prefer that you make that choice. We believe true Membership involves 5 key things:

  • Regular participation in our Sunday services
  • Active involvement in a home or focus group, where you will find friendship & pastoral care
  • Regular prayer for the leaders, members & ministries of the church
  • Regular giving financially to support our work & missions
  • Active involvement in one or more of the volunteer teams, serving others

Member Registration

If you have been a part of Vineyard Brussels for some long time but have not registered in the online Directory, then please talk to a member of our i-team on Sunday and they will help you or visit our ONLINE Registration.