Special Interest Groups and Home Groups

Special interest groups, or ‘focus groups’, meet regularly for a season in order to discuss, study or learn about a topic. A non-exhaustive list is given below.
You can also find out when the next VB events, including focus group meetings, are happening by checking the calendar and events.

Home groups are smaller groups of between 6 and 12 adults, who meet together on a regular basis, generally in someone’s home. They are an opportunity to develop healthy and meaningful relationships with others while growing closer to God. At Vineyard Brussels, we have found that friendship, personal growth and pastoral care are best developed in small groups like these. A typical home group meeting may involve a mixture of worship/singing, reading and discussing the Bible together, talking about what this means in relation to everyday life, praying together and enjoying each other’s company. We have a variety of home groups to choose from; some are English-speaking and some are French-speaking.

We also have a number of other groups which meet regularly. More information here.

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