Our Vision

We believe people are important. We also believe everyone has a huge potential.

Our experience is that once a person knows God and learns to draw on His love and power, they find peace and a new perspective that enables them to relate better, first to themselves and then to those around them.

Our purpose is therefore to help that happen. We call it “Connecting with God and people”.

Whether you have a faith or not, you are more than welcome to join us and explore the life-changing possibilities that such connections can bring.

The Bible teaches that God, the creator of the universe, has always intended that men, women and children everywhere should live their lives connected to Him, not independently of Him.

We believe that God has a fulfilling purpose for each of our lives, but we also believe that God will never impose this on any of us. He has given us the freedom to connect with Him or keep Him at a distance.

Jesus is the key to connecting with God and with other people in a loving, healthy and harmonious way. He is the perfect example of a human being who was fully connected to God. Because of this relationship with His Father, He was able to connect with people from every walk of life, both rich and poor. He was not religious but relevant! He loved people and accepted them as they were. And if they asked for His help, He gave it.

Jesus is also the key to a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Although Jesus lived and died over 2000 years ago, He did not stay dead but rose again and has been transforming people’s lives ever since. This is a revolutionary truth – our risen Saviour is very much alive and active in the world today, through His Spirit at work in His followers.

Our aim is to:

  • help people to discover and develop a relationship with God
  • learn how to draw on the power He provides to live in harmony with Him, ourselves and those around us
  • discover and fulfill His purpose for our lives.

We emphasise the power of both God’s Word and God’s Spirit, in line with the ‘Radical Middle’ approach of the worldwide Vineyard church movement.

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