Will i fit in?

Our Vision

We believe people are important. We also believe everyone has a huge potential.
Our experience is that once a person knows God and learns to draw on His love and power, they find peace and a new perspective that enables them to relate better, first to themselves and then to those around them.
Our purpose is therefore to help that happen. We call it “Connecting with God and people”.
Whether you have a faith or not, you are more than welcome to join us and explore the life-changing possibilities that such connections can bring. [read more]

Our values

Have you ever asked the question: ‘What type of church would I like to be part of?’
What building blocks would determine what that church looked like and how it behaved? How would you describe its ‘genetic code’?
DNA forms the building blocks of life. Our unique genetic code determines what we look like and how we operate. Similarly, the Vineyard ‘Genetic Code’ is the set of core values which identify the different Vineyard congregations as one family. [read more]