Marriage support

This ministry aims to help couples succeed in the wonderful gift of marriage, whether in preparing to wed or in seeking ways to re-vitalize married life.

About the ministry

We always start with a couple-to-couple get together to assess the situation. This is valid both for marriage preparation and enhancement.

The aim of this meeting is to define the number, frequency and schedule of sessions and agree together on the best course of action.


o  Assign a trained couple for several marriage preparation sessions for future newlyweds. We usually follow a program called Prepare & Enrich (see to help structure the sessions.

o   Assign a trained couple for several meetings to do a check-up or walk with the couple through a review of issues. Depending on the situation, we will also recommend using the Enrich part of the Prepare & Enrich program.

Once a year, the church also runs an Alpha based marriage course where couples sign up to sit and talk about key topics in marriage.

Meeting times

The sessions are scheduled at a convenient time for both parties. Depending on availability, they usually take place in the evening or during the weekend. Check our event lists below to learn more.


The location is decided upon at the first meeting. The trained couple usually hosts in their home. It is also possible to meet at church, at the couple’s home or occasionally on-line, although face-to-face is preferred.

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